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The ultimate guide to razing the galaxy with an army of Chaos Knights

112 pages with game rules, basic knowledge and monster graphics

Includes Warlord Traits, Relics, detailed Crusade rules, 10 datasheets and more



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With the thunderous clatter of gargantuan feet and the roar of cannon fire, the lances of the Knights of Chaos hurl themselves at their terrified foes. They are demigods of death, forged in iron, surging forward under storm clouds of fear and misery. Loping War Dogs hunt down their enemies like giant hounds, while their powerful, hideous masters batter and smash their victims to pieces. These monolithic suits tower over their foes, walking machines of tyranny armed with deadly weapons capable of destroying even the most resilient opponents.

They are piloted by hate-filled Fallen Nobles, linked to their titanic steeds by magical neural links from the Throne Mechanicum. Most of these cruel pilots hail from the corrupt Houses of Fear - courts of infamy seeking to reign in the name of the Chaos gods. Others fight as masterless Dreadblades, sowing destruction across the galaxy as lone paragons of torment. Where once they defended humanity as noble defenders of honour, now the Knights of Chaos spread death and despair wherever they appear.

This comprehensive book is a must-have for those who play and collect the fearsome heralds known as Chaos Knights, as well as for those tempted by the Knights of Terror to serve in their Chaos armies. It contains all the rules for playing an army of Chaos Knights - including the Houses of Fear, the favour of the Dark Gods and the terrible powers of the Warp Storm - and includes a comprehensive history section so you can learn all about the corruption of the once knightly Knights' Houses, the nature of their foul mechanical steeds and the devastating weaponry they use in battle.

Inside this 112-page hardcover book you will find:

- Detailed information on the Chaos Knights, the Iconoclast and Infernal Knight Houses, and the perfidious Dreadblades

- Detailed illustrations showing the destruction wrought by the Fallen Nobles and their apocalyptic steeds, as well as icons of their most feared Houses

- All the rules needed to create an army of Chaos Knights, including 10 datasheets, unique upgrades and powers, and how to incorporate the Knight into other Chaos armies

- Complete rules for crusade campaigns and narrative games where your Knights set the galaxy on fire by following the Eightfold Path to Damnation

- An 'Eavy Metal' miniatures display full of magnificently painted Knights of Chaos figures