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The kit consists of 220 plastic pieces and comes with 2 Citadel 100mm round bases. Also included is a War Dogs transfer sheet containing 238 runes, sigils and icons for the various Dread Households. These figures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

From this set you can build:

  • War Dog Brigands,
  • War Dog Stalkers,
  • War Dog Karnivores
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The War Dog class Knights act as a hunting pack for their Terrible Household. Armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons, these agile warriors stride before the fearsome shadow cast by the larger Knights, eliminating enemy riders and guarding the flanks of their colossal masters. Amidst these ferocious machines, War Dog Carnivores delight in causing bloody mayhem and despair, and eschew more powerful ranged weapons to seek the thrill that only close-quarters carnage provides.

Two War Dog class knights can be built from this multi-part plastic set - any combination of War Dog Karnivores, War Dog Stalkers or War Dog Brigands. War Dog Karnivores are monstrous War Lords that can provide lethal melee support for your army of Chaos Knights - or be taken as a wandering Dreadblade pack for other Chaos forces. Armed with the infantry-destroying Reaper Chaintalon and armour-breaking Butcher's Claw, Karnivores are also equipped with a carapace-mounted Diabolus heavy stubber or Havoc multi-shot launcher. Each War Dog Karnivore can be further customised with various articulated positions, armour, unique faceplates and accessories, and their large armour makes them perfect for painting.